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None fit into the category of small pussy better than Emanuelle from Ema”s Place. She has also been featured on a site called Glam Deluxe which is an erotic nude site featuring younger girls mostly, but she must have been fairly popular and went on to do her own solo site. You can definitely see why with atoledo pics like these.


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Aren”t teen girls adorable when they start playing with themselves. Oops, I mean playing by themselves. This small little cutie loves to get all dressed up in junk jewely, put her hair up in pigtails and put on her mom”s hat that she found in the attic. She looks like a mannequin at a thrift store, but fuck it, she is damn cute. I love her tiny boobs and small, petite frame. Wouldn”t mind getting some of that little pussy of hers too. She looks yummy!


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